“Even in math class, excellence is a journey, and natural ability is only a starting point. If you don’t like to drive—if you keep asking “Are we there yet?” every 45 seconds—then it doesn’t matter how fast your car can theoretically go. You probably won’t make it too far.”

~ Ben Orlin

Don’t worry how anyone else is doing. You’re on a journey for yourself. Focus on finding those one or two things that you can do well and enjoy.


Mindfulness for Marines

“The researchers found that the heart and breathing rates of Marines trained in mindfulness returned to their normal, baseline levels faster than those who had not received the training. Also, blood levels of a specific neuropeptide suggested that the mindfulness-trained Marines experienced improved immune function.”

“Furthermore, magnetic resonance imaging scans showed that the mindfulness-trained Marines had reduced activity patterns in brain regions known for integrating emotional reactivity, cognition, and interoception.”

~ Traci Pedersen

Basic training in mindfulness could play a positive role in recovery from stress for several occupational groups.