The City…

“The urbanist Jane Jacobs long ago noted how cities, with their deep wells of intellectual and entrepreneurial capital, and their density and diversity, provide ideal ecosystems for entrepreneurial innovation.”

~ Richard Florida


Claude Monet — an example of sisu?

It was not the best time in Monet’s life. His second wife and eldest son had both died in the previous few years, and his eyesight was getting progressively worse due to cataracts. But despite the emotional and physical setbacks, Monet would soon rebound, making the last decade of his life (he died in 1926 at the age of 86) an extremely productive period in which he painted many of his most famous studies of water lilies.

~ Mike Springer

What an inspiration!

Hard work, and lots of it

“But seeing effort as something shameful is a liability because effort is what takes our abilities to fruition. Since I wrote Mindset I got letters from people who were child prodigies. As youngsters they were told, ‘You’re so smart you’ll be this, you’ll be that,’ but effort was never mentioned. In fact, they thought their claim to fame was that they didn’t need effort to reach greatness. They were mistaken, and as a result they never made much of their abilities. Ability alone does not take you to success. You actually have to work for it.”

~ Carol Dweck

Brilliant assessment of what it takes to succeed: lots and lots of hard work.


“Even in math class, excellence is a journey, and natural ability is only a starting point. If you don’t like to drive—if you keep asking “Are we there yet?” every 45 seconds—then it doesn’t matter how fast your car can theoretically go. You probably won’t make it too far.”

~ Ben Orlin

Don’t worry how anyone else is doing. You’re on a journey for yourself. Focus on finding those one or two things that you can do well and enjoy.