Career Advice

  1. “If you’re working to pay for school, or gaining valuable skills on the job, you have a smart strategy.”
  2. “… if you have a system of continuously improving your marketable skills, you open yourself to a larger world of new job possibilities and you’re playing a game you’re likely to win.”
  3. “… any long-term career strategy should provide a path toward a flexible schedule, or at least flexibility in terms of what you do within your work day.”
  4. “Attractive people earn more money and have greater career opportunities than those who are beauty-challenged.”
  5. “Seek the type of projects that will teach you something useful even in failure.”

~ Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert

In summary: look for positions that will allow you to continually improve your skill set, work toward having control of your schedule, and take care of yourself (eat right, exercise, and dress well/look good).


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