Cubicles… or not

“We consider it ‘inhumane’ to keep a gorilla in an indoor, concrete environment with no exposure to greenery or anything resembling its natural habitat, and yet we put ourselves in these environments all the time.”

~ Laura Smith

Read this article in the The Atlantic that discusses how human beings’ original workplace was outdoors, and we still yearn for that environment. However, as Stephen Kellert says, “The measure of progress in our civilization is not embracing nature, but moving away from nature and transcending nature and becoming independent of our biology.”

Counteracting this trend, European initiatives aim to place people outside in nature as a therapeutic treatment. Finnish researcher Kalevi Korpela helped develop a series of Well-Being Trails in Finland, France, Luxembourg and Sweden that provide forest therapy for trail walkers.

Taking time to notice the nature around you while you’re walking may not only may relax you, but might also help you discover more creative ideas.


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