Brain Reserve

Read this article about traumatic brain injuries (TBI), which confirms that the more a person works with his/her brain prior to a brain injury, the greater the chance that person can come back successfully from the injury. Brain training can actually make all the difference in a full or near-full recovery from a TBI.

Training one’s brain either through schooling or other activities appears to build Brain Reserve or Cognitive Reserve that seems to protect the brain from developing or exhibiting Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Just how does this work?

“One idea (called Brain Reserve by researchers) pos­tu­lates that some indi­vid­u­als have a greater num­ber of neu­rons and synapses, and that some­how those extra struc­tures pro­vide a level of pro­tec­tion. In a sense, we have more ‘hard­ware,’ pro­vid­ing a pas­sive pro­tec­tion against the attacks of Alzheimer’s. The other the­ory (called Cog­ni­tive Reserve) empha­sizes the build­ing of new capa­bil­i­ties, how peo­ple can per­form tasks bet­ter through prac­tice, and how these skills become so well learned that they are not too easy to unlearn. Like devel­op­ing new and refined ‘software.'” ~ Dr. Yaakov Stern

The more people strengthen their brains at any stage in life, the better off they are.


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