Becoming more flexible — in every way

[Today’s thought: Nature/nurture. So our brains are malleable, and they’re affected by our environment, our thoughts, our physical activities (or lack thereof), even our nutrition. No matter what we start with, we’re largely responsible for how it develops. That means we are entirely responsible for maintaining, directing, and improving our brains’ functions.]

One of the chapters in the book, Soft-Wired, talks about how people become caricatures of themselves as they age. They limit their activities and interactions and lose the balance they once had, tipping over into hoarding, irascibility, overbearingness, and inflexibility in ways of thinking. Their world becomes small as fear overtakes them and they only feel safe at home, often refusing to leave their houses. Their sociability declines and sadly, their brains shrink.

Okay, that’s depressing. What do we do to avoid this? Haven’t gotten to that chapter yet, but I can venture it’s doing the opposite actions to what occurs above. Visit with people, be curious about how things work, oh, and don’t stop walking, exercising, and even jumping up and down. In fact, plyometrics or jump training is just as important — or more — as we age. Yoga, tai chi, qigong: there are lots of stretching exercises. Remember, everything physical affects the brain, especially activities done regularly. Build up your neural networks!

Get outside, walk barefoot in areas safe to do so (stimulates the nerves in the soles of our feet), and smell flowers/different scents. Add complexity to your life and stimulate your brain!

My thought for the day.


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